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Bannière - IECEE 62443

International set of standards and certification to mitigate the risks of connected systems in operation.


The standard has as structured approach with requirements for the commissioning and set-up, systems, components and suppliers.

It covers the whole life cycle of products from their requirements & design to decommissioning.

It is roles approach based, with the possibility to mitigate risks due to old components legacy.  

The CEI 62443 was originally designed for «Batch / continuous process industry» refineries, chemical plants, Power stations and Manufacturing (automotive, food, medical).

From 2 years this standard got momentum and gets used in more Markets like Transportation (trains, subways, etc.), Grid (water, gas, electricity, pipelines…), CTM/BMS (Centralized Technical Management/Building Management System) (towers, tunnels, ports) and Smart Building / SmartCity.

To know more: “IECEE_FlyerA4_Intl cyber security certification_LR.pdf” 


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