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Bannière - P-SCAN, known vulnerabilities assessment, Pen testing

Known vulnerabilities scanning

Protection against exploitation of faults and known vulnerabilities is one of the minimal requirements expect from IoT device manufacturer that gets included in the different regulations.

P-SCAN is a Vulnerability Scanning services allow to verify the presence of known vulnerabilities on IoT product.

P-SCAN check IoT devices in a BlackBox approach against the key known vulnerabilities used by hackers.

P-SCAN provides an immediate feedback on the communication channel vulnerabilities that are present on the device an can be used by attackers.

Bureau Veritas developed a specific Tool to check the vulnerabilities on the following communication channels:

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee

If the device has a web interface the vulnerability scanning is completed using Nessus to check the TCP/IP services vulnerabilities.

To know More : Download our P-SCAN documentation

  1. P-SCAN «P-Scan-Introduction»
  2. P-SCAN «Test Case Specification - V1.0»



Penetration testing*

For manufacturers who wants to go deeper and check the resistance to attack of their product we offer a penetration testing service based on the latest technics:

  • Hardware Analysis & Assessment
    • IoT device reverse engineering
    • IoT device disassembling
    • Mapping out components and uncovering known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Software Analysis & Assessment
    • Firmware, Applications & OS Analysis (provided by the customer or extracted when possible from the device directly)
    • Encryption analysis and Obfuscation techniques in use
    • Reverse engineering firmware binaries
    • 3rd party libraries and SDKs
    • Debugging binaries to gain sensitive info
  • Mobile application verification
  • Attack and Exploitation

*This service is adjusted together with the customer


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