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Other types of recognition at national level :
LCIE is a Body approved by the French government for application of several technical regulations in various fields
European Directives : LCIE is a notified and competent Body for the following European directives 

Fontenay-aux-Roses premises (identification n°0081)

  • Electromagnetic compatibility – EMC: (2014/30/EU) : notified Body
  • Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (2014/34/EU) - ATEX: notified Body for all modules
  • RED (2014/53/EU): notified Body for conformity tests on radioelectric terminals
  • CPR : construction products regulation N° 305/2011 (CPR) cables and standarts EN 50575

Conformity Assessment - Products certification 

At national level :

the French Standard Association AFAQ AFNOR CERTIFICATION, authorizes LCIE to issue the NF mark for: 

  • Electrical and electronic equipment :
    • NF electrical household appliances and NF Lightings,
    • NF AEAS (autonomous emergency lighting units).
  • Electrical installation and communication equipment:
    • NF and NF USE (conductors and cables, conduits and ducting, switchgear)
    • NF communication network infrastructures
  • Other categories:
    • NF electronic components
    • « Open » NF mark for products not mentioned above.
    • NF Environment (BAES)

At european level :

LCIE is signatory of the CCA Agreement promoting access of the other signatory countries'

  • Is a Body authorized to issue the German mark GS-Bureau Veritas for the safety of electrical and electronic equipment and household appliances.
  • Is a Body authorized by ZLS to issue the mark GS, to use the recognition tests of the electrical equipment to be used in a non-industrial environment, performed by the ADT Taiwan and the LCIE China (Shanghai) laboratories
  • Is a body authorized by ZLS to perform testing (ISO/IEC 17025) and certification (EN 45011) of electrical equipment to be used in a non-industrial environment.


LCIE also issues the following :

  • ENEC: for lightings, data processing equipment, transformers, electrical household appliances,
  • HAR : cables and conductors
  • EMC: for products meeting electromagnetic compatibility    standards.


At international level :

  • IECEE OC/CB Certification under the aegis of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) -around 50 signatory countries-
  • IECEx : 

  • Certification of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres under the aegis of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

  • Certification for People as part of CoPC (Certification of Personnel Competencies), Unit Ex 001.

  • LCIE issues the IECQ-CECC mark for electronic components.


  • Bilateral recognition agreements with the following testing and certification bodies:
  • IRAM (Argentina): recognition of tests and factory inspections for access to the IRAM mark for low-voltage electrical equipment
  • SAI Global (Australia): recognition of tests and inspections for low-voltage electrical inspection in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand 
  • Japan Electrical Testing (JET, Japan): recognition of tests and factory inspections for access to the Japanese S and PSE marks
  • PREDOM (Poland): recognition of tests for access to the B mark for low-voltage electrical equipment
  • GOST Re (Russia): recognition of tests and factory inspections for access to the GOST R mark, for low-voltage electrical equipment

At international level

Other mutual of agreements with the following bodies for testing and factory inspections :
  • TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore
  • ANCE (Mexico),
  • Bellis (Belarus),
  • UNIT (Uruguay),
  • SII (Israel),
  • KETI (Korea),
  • ERI (Korea),
  • KTL (Korea),
  • TUV Rheinland Do Brazil (Brazil) : Recognition of factory inspections for low-voltage electrical equipment and equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres

Bilateral recognition agreements specific to potentially explosive atmospheres for access to the marks of the following certification bodies
  • CQST (China)
  • NEPSI/SIPAI (China)
  • PCEC (China)
  • KGS (Korea)
  • KTL (Korea)
  • TIIS (Japan) 

Other official recognitions

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC, United States): accreditation for electromagnetic compatibility tests on various types of equipment

  • Electrical and mechanical Services Department (EMSD, Hong Kong): recognition of tests on low voltage electrical equipment

  • US Coast Guard (United States): recognition of tests on equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Ministry of International Affairs and Communication (MIC, Japan) : R&TTE
  • Involvement in Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) between the European Union and other countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New-Zealand.

  • Japan MRA: Conformity assessment body for telecommunication terminal equipment and radio equipment.

  • ASEFA: Testing and type certification of low and high voltage industrial switchgear, part of the European (LOVAG)

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