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Bannière - History
Exposition internationale d'éléctricité (1881)  1881 The first International Exhibition of Electricity is inaugurated in Paris on August 1st.
  1882 The exhibition is such a big success that on February 24th, Jules Grévy, the President of France, decides to use the profits to create a Laboratoire Central d’Électricité.
  1888 After numerous events, LCE is officially inaugurated on February 10th, Place Saint Charles in Paris. The tests carried out in the laboratory concern all branches of electricity: incandescent electric lamps, batteries, storage cells, automotive floodlights, electric traction systems…
  1942 The French Authorities try to create closer relationships between LCE and industry players.
  1943 On April 22nd the laboratory becomes LCIE and keeps its three assignments: official body for electrical metrology, study center and control/testing laboratory.
 Locaux LCIE 1949 LCIE moves to its new location in Fontenay aux Roses.
  1950 The laboratory expands and its staff goes from 80 in 1950 to nearly 350 in 1980.
  1996 On July 1st, LCIE becomes a limited company with directory and supervisory board.
  2001 In order to expand internationally, LCIE joins Bureau Veritas and so becomes LCIE Bureau Veritas. Between 2001 and 2004, LCIE focuses on its core business: testing and certification.
  2005 On April 2005, LCIE Bureau Veritas becomes established in the Rhône Alpes (South East of France) with the acquisition of Action Measure, part of the company SMEE.
  2006 On April, LCIE acquires Haztec to develop its EMC activity in the aeronautics, defense and automotive.
 Site de Villebon 2008 On February, LCIE Bureau Veritas Site Haztec changes its denomination to become: LCIE Bureau Veritas - Site de Villebon.

On March, LCIE Bureau Veritas - Site de Voiron, extends the abilities of its laboratory and moves to its new location in Moirans (Isère).
On this occasion, the site changes its denomination and becomes: LCIE Bureau Veritas – Site de Moirans.

 Acquisition laboratoire de THURMELEC 2010 On January, LCIE Bureau Veritas expands on the East region, with the acquisition of the testing laboratory part of company Thurmelec in Pulversheim (Alsace).
  2010 On February, the Thurmelec laboratory becomes LCIE Bureau Veritas - Site de Pulversheim.


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