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Bannière - A privileged partner at your service

By always being on your side whenever conformity is involved at the stage of marketing your products, as well as whenever you need to increase their value, LCIE Bureau Veritas supports you from the very first phase of conception through the actual launching on the market.

Assistance & Expertise

From product development to market launching, our team of experts is capable to answer your every need at a global level and in a personalized way.


We can take care of the compliance assessment & certification to International,  European and National regulations, ...

Global access

To identify the Directives and standards applicable is the key to determine which way is best to perform a successful compliance, when you are trying to conquer foreign countries.

Sustainable development

Everyone has witnessed the growing demand from End Users for environmentally friendly products. LCIE Bureau Veritas can help you to understand these new requirements.


To carry out the tests of your products beforehand is the only way to check if they will be compliant to the applicable policies.


In order to better face  technological innovation , the companies have no other alternative but to develop and reinforce the know-how of their teams.

Inspections & audits

To perpetuate your products’ compliance during their whole life cycle, we can perform inspections and audits within the frame of the regulation marks or according to your company’s own specifications.

CE Marking

The EC Marking is intended to make the marketing of your products on the European market easier. Make sure that your products are compliant to the current European directives.

Regulation & Standards Watch

In order to guide you, we are bringing you all the latest regulatory news and updated normative information you need to get, and we can also provide you with customized watch and assistance services.






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