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Bannière - Your industry

As your partnerof choice for the compliance process of your products, LCIE Bureau Veritas guides you all along the life cycle of your products, from development to end of life.

Space and Defence

As a player of the Space and Defence sector, safety and reliability are key factors to your company's success.

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Electrical Apparatus

You are acting in the domains of energy and industry, and you need high level competences and testing means, to offer reliable and high quality products.

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EXplosive ATmosphères : ATEX

Manufacturers, installers and users of assemblies and functional units in the fields of Explosive Atmospheres, you need to assess the safety of your equipment and installations.

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You need to answer to the requirements of the automotive sector in terms of reliability, compliance, products availability and safety of manufacturing plants.

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Cables and conducts

We can perform testing and provide certification for the majority of cables, conducts and mounting rails used in the building, industry and telecommunication domains.

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Medical devices

Manufacturers, importers and retailers of electrical medical devices, youare looking for a partner that facilitates the market access of your products


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Distributors and retailers
Distributeurs / Importateurs

You need to assess the compliance of your supply chain...

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Household appliances, heating, lighting

Retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods, you have to face important stakes such as product quality, image and reputation...


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Electronics and Radiocoms

For your electronic and radiocom products, globalization, high pace of innovation and shortened product range life duration are your main stakes...

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Renewable energies
Energies renouvelables

Due to the market demand, renewable energies have benefited from a major bounce recently.
To be compliant, your products have to comply to the many existing regulatory and markets requirements. 

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As an actor of the rail industry, you have to anticipate the regulatory changes as to optimize your investments and valorize your image.


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Maritime industry

The freedom of movement of your ships depends on the international standards that have to be applied.

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