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Bannière - Electronics & Radiocommunications

You are a designer and/or a manufacturer of electrical products designed for professional and consumers, LCIE can assist you with all the compliance assessment, certification, assistance and assessment procedures and so, from the very first step of designing to the quick and simplified market launch of the product.

Our application areas :

  • IT products (computers, modems, routers, printers)
  • Phones (GSM mobile, fixed telephone, mobile dongle)
  • Communication equipment (M2M products, radio solutions: SRD, RFID, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • Professional equipment (laboratory measuring devices, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, credit card readers, screened room)
  • Network and infrastructure equipment (car park /toll booth, PABX, UMTS / GSM gateways)

Our services in Electronics and Radiocommunications :

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