For the North East of France: the Pulversheim Site

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Bannière - For the North East of France: the Pulversheim Site

 Our address :

LCIE Bureau Veritas
Aire de la Thur
68840 Pulversheim

We are glad that you have chosen to entrust LCIE Bureau Veritas for the compliance assessment, the testing and the certification of your products, and we would like to thank you for it.
As we are dedicated into providing the best service, LCIE Bureau Veritas is now getting closer to you and to your activities by integrating the EMC and Radio testing laboratories of the Thurmelec company in Alsace.

A little bit of history…

Thurmelec has been established in Pulversheim (Alsace) since 1999. At first, Thurmelec was a laboratory providing services in compliance assessment, EMC and safety testing, as well as a counseling assistance.

Our main testing devices :

  • 1 large EMC/Radio anechoic FARADAY cage (10 x 8 x 6m)
  • 1 free open space protected from weather conditions
  • single phase and three-phase means to perform the conduct testing
  • measurements of radiant emissions from 0 to 25 GHz
  • movable instruments for the qualification of the client’s equipment on site
  • Means of measurement for conducted and radiant disturbances (receivers, antennas)
  • disturbance generators
  • electrical safety testing equipment (dielectric strength and temperature meters, ...)

Our main services:

Thanks to its new Pulversheim site and with the technical expertise gained from the Thurmelec lab section, LCIE Bureau Veritas can provide you with an extended offer of services:

  • EMC testing / Radio and electrical safety,
  • assistance and technical & technological expertise,
  • compliance testing and inspections,
  • regulation & standard watch,
  • training.

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