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Bannière - CE Marking

CECE Marking is a proof that the product bearing it complies with all the applicable EU directives, and with the essential requirements of the "New Approach" Directives.

These Directives present the regulatory requirements in the matters of safety, health and environment, for the products of the 25 EU member states and the other States of the European Economic Area.

From a regulatory point of view, the CE marking is compulsory for products circulating all over the European market. It represents a must-have pass for manufacturers, importers and agents.

The regulations are designed to:

  •     Ensure the free movement of products inside the EU
  •     Ensure the safety of the animal and user goods
  •     Ensure the limitation of the environmental impacts

The European harmonized standards are solutions to fulfill the essential requirements of the "New approach" directives. These directives are turning the results requirements set forth on the directive into technical solutions enabling to achieve them.

The compliance with the national standards that have been adapted from the harmonized standards (published in the Official Journal of the European Union, OJEU), is creating a compliance presumption to the essential requirements to which these standards are referring to. When the manufacturer is using them to design or to manufacture his products, he no longer has to show proof of the solutions he has decided to apply to comply with the necessary corresponding requirements.

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Here’s a list of the directives to which LCIE Bureau Veritas is notified and is in a position to assist you.

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