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Bannière - Regulation & Standards Watch

In a world where the regulations are becoming more and more complex, companies must be very careful and responsive in order to implement them instantaneously on their new products and on their already existing ones.

In today’s very competitive markets, the issue is even more crucial that the impacts of a compliance default are critical in terms of costs and brand image.

LCIE Bureau Veritas has designed the ARENE Solution (Regulation and Standards watch Assistance) in order to ensure the regulation and standards watch of your electrical products and/or electronics at the European level and internationally.

We can offer you a direct access to our ARENE tool, inside of which you will find :

  • your product datasheets
  • your country datasheets
  • your information datasheets
  • your regulation warnings

In order to customize the kind of watch you need for your product, you'll get the help of one of our specialists. Following this choice, you’ll get a follow-up on the regulations, the standards, the marking and the certification process, for your products to access your target markets.

Our procedure is organized around four steps enabling your company to control its regulation and standards watch with the help of the ARENE tool.

  • the products
  • the target countries
  • the technical domains to be monitored (EMC, electrical safety, Radio, environment, ...)


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Elaboration of the regulatory and/or standard requirements

Account opening and staff training

Database update and email notifications

Annual review


Watch the ARENE tool :

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