Electrical Safety testing

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Bannière - Electrical Safety testing

Many risks for the individuals, for the environment and for the belongings arise from the use of all electrical devices and electronics. In order to contain these risks, it is of major importance for the designers to understand the safety guidelines, so as to manufacture safe equipment.

Standards have been established and put at the manufacturers and importers' disposal for them to check the safety compliance of the devices. The application of a safety standard is meant to reduce the risks of injuries or damages that can be caused by the following:

  • electrical shock,
  • energy-related dangers,
  • fire,
  • faulty conditions,
  • thermal dangers,
  • and mechanical dangers.

Ensuring the products’ electrical safety implies that the construction and characteristics features, such as heat and fire resistance and/or thermal and dielectric performance, should be assessed.

Our services

  • Tests performed in laboratories or on site within the frame of the international certification scheme
  • On site certification testing following the IECEE rules (TMP, WMT, SMT format…)
  • Assistance with products compliance
  • Pre-assessment and product analysis (building analysis)
  • Faulty conditions assessment  
  • Consumption measurements for TV, decoders and transformers, performed following the applicable directives
  • Consultancy
  • Markings check
  • Measurements of temperature rise
  • Assessment
  • Specific testing programs  
  • Trainings
  • ...


Applicable standards and regulations

According to the existing standards :

  • Household appliances: IEC/EN/NF 60335
  • Luminaires: IEC/EN/NF 60598
  • IT devices: IEC/EN/NF 60950
  • Audio and video equipment: IEC/EN/NF 60065
  • Laboratory measuring devices: IEC/EN/NF 61010
  • Electromedical appliances: IEC/EN/NF 60601

Upon clients' specifications.

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