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Bannière - Assistance & Expertise

Granting you a unique access to various and necessary services during the whole lifecycle of your products.

From the design of your products to their launch on the market, LCIE Bureau Veritas brings you solutions that will help you ensure the quality and safety of your products worldwide. Years of experience in the sector of electrical and electronic products have helped us build a strong team of experts, capable to answer your every need at a global level and in a personalized way.

1. Design 2. Supplying 3. Production

4. Product return

  • Building analysis
  • Ecodesign
  • Regulation watch
  • Technical assistance
  • International Certification
  • Technical and/or regulatory compliance training
  • Plant audit
  • Expert advice on the selection of materials
  • Technical and/or regulatory compliance training  
  • On-site audit and assessment
  • Process analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Technical and/or regulatory compliance training
  • Assessment of the faulty products
  • Failure analysis
  • Compliance assistance
  • Technical and/or regulatory compliance training

Our services per sector

  Know-how transmission Innovation Assistance Assessment and watch / Regulation Expertise / Litigation Training

EMC / Radio

x x x x x
Electrical safety x x x x x
Electrical engineering x x x x x


  x x x x
Explosive Atmospheres x x x   x
Reliability x x x   x
Electrical contact   x   x x
Degradation phenomenon   x   x x

Environment / Hazardous substances

  x     x
Ecodesign x x x   x
EC Marking x x x   x

International Certification

x x x   x

Some specific solutions have been developed according to each client typology and they are used to serve your specific needs.

You are :

Importers / Retailers

Industrials / Manufacturers

Industrial site / installation

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