National Certification

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Bannière - National Certification

National Certification :

Type Certification Applications Learn more
  • Low Voltage Equipment designed for industrial and domestic use
  • High Voltage for industrial use

 Certification Mark :

Certification Mark Applications Learn More
  • Electrical installation equipment and communication
  • Electronic products 
  • Electronic components
  • NF “Open” Mark
  • Contactless Readers (RFID)

Access different European countries in one single step with the CCA

LCIE Bureau Veritas is a CCA signatory member. If you hold the NF Mark, the CCA Agreement (CENELEC Certification Agreement) will enable you to obtain the Mark of one of the signatory members. In both ways, if you hold the Mark of one of the signatory members, you will then be able to get the NF Mark. 

Systems Certification (LCIE/SNQ)

Certification    Learn more
  • Certification of Electronic Components Manufacturers

  • Certification of Electronic Components Retailers
  •  Certification of Electronic Components Laboratories
  • Certified electronic components

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