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Bannière - Certification

Facilitating access for your products worldwide

LCIE Bureau Veritas assesses that your electrical and electronic equipment comply with the requirements of European and international standards and Regulations.

The goal is to provide you with Certificates and Marks that will attest the compliance and quality of the equipment you are manufacturing, selling or distributing.

Thanks to its participation in multiple recognition agreements, LCIE Bureau Veritas can help manufacturers, retailers and importers in receiving numerous local Marks, both at the European and the International level.

National Certifcation European Certification International Certification

Some definitions:

  • Type Certification: The Type Certification relies on the tests performed on a product sample, representative of production following determined requirements. The Certificate shows the product identification and describes the Requirements followed to assess compliance.
  • Certification Mark: The Certification Mark relies on the following process : for the manufacturer to obtain the right to display the Mark on its product, first a sample has to go through a series of tests following the Requirements and must obtain results that are compliant. Furthermore, the manufacturing plant is visited by a third-party organization. This visit is intended to check that, all manufactured products will keep the compliance characteristics assessed on the sample. All of these elements have to be satisfactory for the product to be autorized to bear the Mark.

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