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In today's competitive environment, manufacturers cannot risk being late to market because of Radio & Telecom certification bottlenecks. Radio & Telecom compliance, specifically, can be quite a daunting process when you take a look at Radio & Telecom regulations for each targeted country.

Most countries have had specific Radio & Telecom regulations requiring anyone marketing a RF / Telecom equipment to obtain the proper approvals pertaining to that country.

Most other countries around the world also have independent Telecom regulatory requirements.

In summary, Radio & Telecom compliance in all countries is a continuously evolving process. Keeping up with this process and ascertaining the specific regulations for each country is a difficult task.

LCIE BUREAU VERITAS proposes you to manage this work.

Our services :

  • To facilitate of despatch of the samples to prevent delays at Customs.
  • Implementation and /or management of the testing process till type approval is complete.
  • Completion of all paperwork including application forms, declarations, and letters of authority to be sent to certification body.
  • Liaison with local offices and distributors / importers.
  • Submission of the approval applications to authority.
  • Making payment for the certification on your behalf.

To conclude : ongoing liaison with authority until type approval is granted.

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