Mechanical and climatic testing

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Bannière - Mechanical and climatic testing

LCIE Bureau Veritas can help you qualify your products for their resistance to mechanical and climatic constraints.

The laboratory has developed not only on its main domain of activity focusing on electrical equipments, but also on other sectors, such as:  industry, military, rail, automotive, aeronautics, marine, etc.

The testing facilities and the know-how of LCIE Bureau Veritas, are making it the best laboratory you can find to fulfill your needs in the domains of mechanical vibration and climatic tests.

Our services :

Verifying your product, applying a mechanical and/or climatic constraint to it :

  • cold, dry heat, humid heat
  • temperature variations
  • thermal shocks
  • altitude
  • rime, frost, defrost
  • quick decompression
  • overpressure
  • explosion testing
  • corrosion: saline mist, type 2, 3 or 4 gas industrial atmosphere
  • tightness seal (index of protection IP)
  • vibrations, mechanical shocks, jolts, that can be combined to temperature, variation in temperature and/or humid heat
  • ice resistance

Applicable standards and regulations

  • CEI 60068-2-xx
  • GAM EG13
  • MIL STD 883, MIL STD 810, ...
  • DO 160
  • ETSI
  • Upon clients' specifications
  • ...



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