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Certified Products search

This database is at your disposal to: check a validity date and ensure the authenticity of a certificate.


Thanks to this database you will be able to find all you need about a certificate :

Certificate number / name of the Holder / certification scheme / standards /

product categories / trademarks / references



This platform does not contain the following certificates: 

  • ISO 9001(available here)
  • IECQ (available here)
  • IECEx (available here)
  • ATEX


Where can you find the license numbers and product references on certificates? 

Certificat NF  Certificat GS  Certificat IECE


If you do not find a certificate or if you find different information, please send us:

  • A certificate scanned
  • Contact information (email, telephone) of the person or company that provides you with the certificate
  • The coordinates of the contact to whom the information returns.

VYou can contact us at: check.certificat@lcie.fr

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