Electric and Hybrid Rechargeable Vehicles

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Bannière - Electric and Hybrid Rechargeable Vehicles

The stakes in the domain of electric vehicles are high. As the regulatory and normative frame is still in full development, the boom and success of this new mean of transport relies only on a perfect technical command.

In order to better assist the industrials of this truly innovating sector, LCIE Bureau Veritas has built a full offer of services around the Electric or Hybrid rechargeable vehicles, focusing especially on the recharge facility infrastructures.

LCIE Bureau Veritas is now recognized as a third party certification body in field and can assist you on every step of the manufacturing process, such as:

  • design assistance
  • approval and technical guidance
  • product qualification
  • certification

LCIE Bureau Veritas is partner in the context of third-party certification (EV READY) and in the second part of the label (ZE READY).


Car manufacturers and recharge infrastructures designers can benefit from LCIE Bureau Veritas testing means and skills, as these will help them find solutions to the common issues of:

  • Electrical safety
  • EMC / Radio
  • Regulatory study
  • Mechanical treatment and weather conditions
  • System study

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