Hot water Heat Pump

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Bannière - Hot water Heat Pump

The new 2012 Regulation on Thermal installations will come into force soon and it will gradually change the products offer of sanitary hot water production devices.

The hot water heat pump is one of the most innovative and significant solutions offered today, as it enables the use of sustainable energies and complies with the regulatory measures.

Pulling free calories from the surrounding air and dumping it at higher temperature into a tank to heat water is a complex operation to achieve but it's not enough to make a good hot water heat pump. It is also necessary to ensure sufficient thermal isolation of the tank and to maintain the volume of water available to the user at all times.

Aware that the hot water heat pump is surely going to be one of the most commonly used domestic devices in tomorrow's habitat, for many years now the manufacturers have shown a great deal of innovation in the designing of these devices.

In order to better follow this growing development, while launching quality products, an Electrical Performance NF Certification has been introduced in 2008.

This certification relies on very accurate measurement methods and establishes definite objectives to deliver both security and performance at a high level.

Requirements of the NF Electrical Performance Mark have recently been revised so as to reinforce the performance level and comply with the regulatory measures, while taking the new European standards into account.

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