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Bannière - Impartiality

Respect of impartiality

As a third-party organization, LCIE Bureau Veritas is devoted to conduct its management systems and products certification activities in full objectivity, independence and impartiality towards its clients.

LCIE Bureau Veritas is an autonomous legal entity, responsible for all its certification activities.

LCIE Bureau Veritas is committed to overcome any potential conflicts of interest that may occur during the certification process. LCIE Bureau Veritas doesn't provide counseling or internal audit services to the bodies involved in the certification process. There are no subordination ties between the staff employed in the certification activities and the customers. Any kind of situation where the impartiality might be questioned or where a conflict of interest might occur has to be reported directly to LCIE Bureau Veritas Certification Board for arbitration and for a solution to be found to end this situation.

LCIE Bureau Veritas may employ some external service providers for some punctual missions. The objectivity and impartiality of the provider must be controlled beforehand so that no potential conflict of interest may arise. In any case, at LCIE Bureau Veritas the certification decisions are never given by an external service provider.

The whole staffs at LCIE Bureau Veritas, together with the committees involved in the certification process, act in an impartial manner and are free from any commercial or financial pressure that might affect their impartiality.

LCIE Bureau Veritas' main concern is to provide quality services to its customers with rigour and professionalism in respect of international regulations.

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